Who we are...

Built and tested by the company that brought the radio industry J-ET – the industry owned automated trading and accountability system of over twenty years - and Audiotrack for audio distribution, AudioLab is the latest addition to Adwanted UK’s audio AdTech portfolio.

As part of the international Adwanted Group, the UK office is responsible for AdTech solutions across the entire industry including SPACE and the Route API for OOH and Connected which houses hundreds of data sources from across the media industry, all in a single app.

We are also thought leaders in terms of media content, with both Adwanted Events and the online publication The Media Leader being respected authorities in the industry.

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The UK’s premier commercial audio distribution system, Audiotrack is trusted by 29 of the 30 biggest creative agencies to deliver commercial audio to over 200 delivery points – both station groups (UK & ROI) and digital platforms.

Co-owned by Peach - the international commercial video delivery experts – Audiotrack is powered by the J-ET database, linking users’ audio campaigns directly to the media buyer’s booking, reducing admin from all sides.

Now, with the launch of Digital Audiotrack, our audio distribution system is also vital to the digital delivery workflow as it will generate the VAST tags based on the copy uploaded by the creative agency handling the campaign.

Adwanted Group at present has offices in Europe and North America, with clients across both regions including Africa. Their portfolio includes a number of notable AdTech products such as SRDS in the USA, and AdwOne and MediaPilot in France.

The company formerly known as Mediatel joined the group in 2021 to become the UK branch, and they are committed to expanding their solutions across the global marketplace.